July's Blog.

Our virtual soapbox, to spread our news, laughs and general shinanigans...

30th July

Summer is here with a bang, and things are hot'ing up inside and out!

With 2 new members of staff in the design room, we're taking control of more and more contracts hand in had with our growing job requests and providing great results.

The Music Room, Ewell has also been flourishing, with more bands coming into enjoy the great facilities, voice over work from as far abroad as Mumbai, and music created in house appearing on releases from artists over Europe!

Exciting times lay ahead this year, get in touch or pop in for a coffee if you have a project we can help with, or even if you just want a chat...

11th July 2013

How emabrrassing, with a few staffing issues due to injuries and holidays we have completely neglectedour Blogging and our showcasing!

We will now spend some time over the weekend trying to get back on track and fill you in on some of the things that have been happening and get some examples of the great projects we have been priviledged to be part of both in the Music Room and with our Graphic Design and Web Design departments.

Website Design

Website DeisgnSpecialising in top qualitywebsite design with an eye for detail which borders on obsession, we are very confident we can provide the perfect website solution to any brief.

Music Production

Music ProductionSearching for that perfect sound? Or need some guidance? With top quality equipment and talented staff we can give your sound the best production possible.

Graphic Design

Graphic DesignImage is everything is this day and age, and no one wants to give off a bad first impression. Our experienced designers can help turn your image into reality.

Music Recording

Music RecordingWe have a top quality recording studio and rehearsal space based in Ewell, Surrey which is available both for recording and dry hire rental for producers.