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22nd August 2012

So far one site launched this week, three is our aim - can we do it? Fingers crossed but as always we are waiting on some third party contributions.

If not, just means next week should be interesting! Also, next week should see us uploading our portfolio pages - so you can start to see some of the great work we have been churning out in both music and design!

13th August 2012

Venti Venti featured on Time and Leisure's website"Business partners Jamie Giarraputo and Dave Weller recline on patio chairs outside their recording studio Venti Venti.
While they take intermittent sips at chilled drinks and adjust their designer sunglasses they are both proud to tell me all about their joint venture in Ewell..." Read more of the article on Time and Leisure's webiste...

6th August 2012

Great week last week working on sevreal websites, a brochure design and SEO for our clients. It was a great atmosphere in the studio watching the Olympics, having a small interview with a local magazine and listening to the operatic skills of a very talented young girl who came in to record her album. More of the same this week we hope with a few deadlines looming and a few new proposals to get sent out.

Website Design

Website DeisgnSpecialising in top qualitywebsite design with an eye for detail which borders on obsession, we are very confident we can provide the perfect website solution to any brief.

Music Production

Music ProductionSearching for that perfect sound? Or need some guidance? With top quality equipment and talented staff we can give your sound the best production possible.

Graphic Design

Graphic DesignImage is everything is this day and age, and no one wants to give off a bad first impression. Our experienced designers can help turn your image into reality.

Music Recording

Music RecordingWe have a top quality recording studio and rehearsal space based in Ewell, Surrey which is available both for recording and dry hire rental for producers.